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Mold Assessment

Mold Assessment is a procedure of information on the environment, client, building and taking samples ( air, swabs, and/ or lift) and having a laboratory analysis them for mold and/or VOCs. Once the analysis comes back from the lab, a report is generated explaining the results found from each sample taken. This information is passed on to the client only. If the client wishes to pass on the information to others, they can share it. PRT is bound to confidentiality with the client only. Mold Remediation Mold Remediation is the removal of living mold from the environment. It can be done by physical removing surfaces that have active mold growth or using an apparatus that kills mold, viruses, and bacteria throughout the area of concern. After treating the affected area, we recommend treating it with a antimicrobial to help prevent the organisms from returning. DEHUMIDIFICATION Humidity in the environment is a large contributing factor in the growth of microorganisms. NORMI (National Organization of Remediators and Mold Inspectors) recommendation a humidity between 40%- 60%. This humidity range has shown to have less microorganism growth than higher and lower levels. If flooding has occurred, the removal of moisture in the first 24 to 48 hours is key in preventing mold growth. PRT is dedicated to indoor air quality. We offer several solutions to solve any indoor air quality problems. From full remediation to duct systems air purification, we can recommend the proper and most cost effective way to treat your problems. PRT has portable dehumidification equipment for small to large jobs

Mold analysis

Blue is the indoor spore count Orange is the outside spore count This graph shows the spore counts of a building treated for the US Army. The blue bars show the spore counts taken from the indoor area of the building. The orange bars represent the outdoor spore counts and are taken as a control sample. This graph shows that after 6 months of treatment, the spore count is significantly lower than the outside air that is let in everytime a door or window is opened.

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REMEDIATION Dry Fog Technique

Dry fog is the best and least intrusive path to complete mold removal. With our patented dry fog technology, every visible and hidden mold spore, virus, or bacteria is trapped and eliminated, whether it is coming from the air vent, carpet, or walls. Our exclusive two-step dry fog disinfection process removes mold without leaving wet residue behind.  Forget outdated remediation methods that require demolition and use harmful chemicals—dry fog mold removal ensures total mold elimination without the hassle.

Step 1: InstaPURE (Sterilant)

InstaPURE is a powerful EPA-approved sterilant, and the first dry fog application in our patented two-step process. InstaPURE will disinfect any surface that it touches, denaturing and killing all mold spores, fungi, bacteria, and viruses it comes in contact with. By turning mold spores into harmless inert matter, your family can breathe a healthy sigh of relief knowing the mold and other microorganisms in your home have been eliminated

Step 2: EverPURE (Protectant) EverPURE is the second dry fog application in our two-step process. InstaPURE will disinfect virtually any home or office space, but what happens when new bacteria and viruses enter the room? EverPURE is the answer! EverPURE provides an EPA approved protective film, guarding against the re-growth of mold and bacteria for more than 12 months. This antimicrobial leaves no residue but sits on your keyboard, door knobs, and every other surface of your home waiting for the next bacteria, virus or mold spore looking for a place to land. When any bacteria, virus or mold spore tries to land on a surface of your home, EverPURE destroys the cell on contact. Both EverPURE and InstaPURE are EPA approved in all 50 States.

Will it get behind my walls?

Our patented technology creates a 7.5 micron sized particle. A mold spore is between 12 and 30 microns. Thus, any place where a mold spore can get in or out of, the fog will penetrate those areas. In special situations where there is a known issue behind a wall, we can poke a few 1/8 inch holes between the studs and treat the back of the wall directly.

Disinfection and Sterilization

Using the same amazing technology to kill mold, Pure Maintenance uses its patented two-part system to create a germ barrier. We begin by filling your building or room with an EPA registered dry fog called InstaPURE. This fog is ultra-penetrating and leaves absolutely no residue. Once the fog has filled the capacity of the room and has made contact with all surfaces, it remains suspended in the air for a desired dwell time until all germs are destroyed. Pure Maintenance then begins the second step of the system. A similar fog to step one, an EPA registered fog called EverPURE is introduced to the room. EverPURE is dry and leaves no residue but creates an antimicrobial barrier on all surfaces of the room that will insure that for 90 days, your home or business will be germ free. Treats Ring Worm, MRSA, Staph, CDiff, Anthrax, Flu Virus, Hand Foot and Mouth, H1N1 and more.