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I am James Parker and have been in the heating and air conditioning field for over 20 years. I am third generation in air conditioning industry and took over the family business in 2003. After years of seeing mold growth in the return air areas, air handling equipment, and the supply duct systems, I decided to find a way to control mold growth with complete demolition of the home. I discovered the Instapure and Everpure system. A dry fog system that penetrates through walls and treats not only the visible wall surface, but inside the wall cavity too. By circulating the air through the air handler and the duct system, the entire air distribution system is being treated. This system can get rid of mold and treat all the surfaces in the area to keep the mold from coming back for a fraction of the cost of traditional remediation. This is why I added this indoor air quality solution to my resume. I am Florida state certified in mold assessment and remediation. There are a lot of people claiming to be mold inspectors and remediators. Log on to the fl dbpr website and check there license number. The state of Florida require mold assessors and remediators to be certified and they should have a MRSR or MRSA license. PRT is a certified Florida assessment and remediation company. We are constantly researching the newest technology in the field of mold assessment and remediation. We have found Instapure and Everpure technology to be the most effective and efficient way to treat mold problems. This isn’t your typical fogging equipment. The dry fog technology allows the particles to penetrate through wall coverings to treat inside the wall as will as the visible side of the wall. No demolition, removal of furniture, fixtures and NO MESS.


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